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Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

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Great Glasses Colours For Grey Hair

How to rock your silver crown!

Are you looking for great glasses colours for grey hair? As we grow older and wiser many things change not least the colour of our hair, and surprisingly even our skin tone. Also, in up to 15% of people, eye colour changes too!

For example, someone may have had vibrant red hair and freckles when they were younger, giving them an overall warm colouring, but as they age, they change. Their freckles fade, their hair loses pigment, becomes grey, and their colouring becomes much cooler.

Very often the warmer, or brighter colours we have worn and felt great in when we were younger, can begin to have the opposite effect as we age. When we wear these colours they can can make us appear tired, sallow and older than our years!

However, don’t fear!  If you choose to fully embrace your silver locks, there is a whole range of stunning colours available for you. Colours which will help you make the most of the new you, reigniting that sparkle in your eyes and creating the appearance of glowing radiant skin!

The effect of colour is transformational and because your eyewear is so prominently positioned, very close to your skin, hair and eyes, it’s vital that you choose the best colour eyewear to suit you.

The right coloured eyewear, chosen to balance and harmonise with your own natural colouring, is your magical ingredient to looking healthy and feeling great!

Gracefully Grey –Choosing the right colours for you

You are so lucky! Many colours look striking against grey hair and with celebrities and influencers embodying the silver/platinum trend, embracing your grey is becoming de riguer amongst fashionistas.

Colour that have a cool or blue undertone look fabulous with grey hair, and cooler rosy skin tones.  Cool pinks, raspberry reds (as opposed to a warm strawberry red) and all the beautiful shades of turquoise and blues will really work to enhance your natural colouring and have a positive impact on how you look and feel!

50 Shades of Grey

When it comes to grey hair, there are many different shades and intensities of grey.  And while everyone with cool colouring looks great in cool shades, the depth of your hair colour will determine your most striking shades.

Light Grey/White Hair- Light Cool Shades 

If you have very light grey or white hair (see above), with light eyes and skin, the lighter cooler shades such as icy violet (as above), icy greens, baby pinks, light aquas, sky blue, greys and light silvers will really enhance your overall appearance, and not overwhelm your lighter colouring.

But if you are naturally drawn to the cooler, bolder shades like hot pink, choose a finer rim for just a daring splash of colour.

Extra Style Tip: White Hair can have the tendency to look a little yellow or smoked. If this happens try using a violet shampoo on your hair to counteract the yellowness, and avoid wearing any shades of make up that are too bright or look orange against your skin.

Steely Grey- Strong Cool shades

If your hair is a more intense steely grey (see images above), you can be really bold with your colour choice and play with contrasting light and dark cool colours e.g. striking black and white. If wearing a single colour make sure it has strength such a as hot pink, royal blue, teal, bright periwinkle and bold blue based reds. You will look fab with a high sheen or frame with sparkle too!

If you prefer the lighter, soft cooler colours such as icy blues contrast  them with darker tones such as black or grey for the most flattering affect.

Extra Style Tip: Balancing the stronger colour of your frames with a strong cool shade of lipstick can really add impact to your look.

Salt and Pepper Grey- Soft Cool Shades

If your hair is just beginning to go grey with around 50% of it mixed with your own natural hair colour,  this creates a ”salt and pepper look” (see images above).  If this is you,  the softer, cooler shades such as lavender, soft fuchsia , rose, charcoal and silver frames will work well.  Matt metals and acetate frames which help soften a colour will also be flattering for you.

Extra Style Tip: For those who love make up, adding a touch of soft rose blush along your cheekbones and soft eye pencil can add some definition to your features and help draw attention to your eyes

What To Avoid With Grey Hair

The most important frame colours to avoid with grey hair are warm/ yellow based shades such as golds, golden browns, yellows, strawberry reds, brown tortoiseshells which can make your skin appear yellow/sallow and hair look dull.

However yellow based shades can look stunning against warmer hair and skin tones – see below!

If you would like to experiment with the transformational power of colour and its effects, or would like some advice on the right colour frames for you, contact us via 01630 652945 and ask about our personalised styling consultation which includes a mini colour analysis with trained image consultants and eyewear stylists.

We can also give advice on make – up and eyewear.

All of the eyewear pictured in this article are from the niche collections we carry in our practice.

We are a multi award winning, small and friendly boutique in Market Drayton that provides expert eye health and style advice with the most beautiful, exclusive eyewear in the UK.

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Eva Dave is an image consultant, optometrist and owner of Style Optique where she offers private eyewear styling consultations and a unique selection of handcrafted artisan eyewear.

She is also the founder of Eyewear Styling Academy, an award winning global optical training company, which educates optical practices in the art of Eyewear Styling and teaches ways to elevate client experience and create a purposeful business.

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Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

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Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

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