Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

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Choosing glasses can (& should) be fun.

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It’s time to love your glasses, rather than tolerate them.

Beautiful glasses can brighten your mood, increase your confidence, and showcase your personal style. That’s why we go great lengths to ensure your glasses make you feel fabulous and express the uniqueness of who you truly are.

If you are tired of the run-of-the-mill selection of boring, uninspiring frames and you are ready to finally find glasses that fit comfortably and look amazing on you, without the standard rush and sales pressure, then you are in the right place!

Experience a Style Optique Eyewear Styling Consultation, where our professionally trained Eyewear Stylists guide you through a fun discovery process to uncover which glasses, colours, and frames are ideal for you…all over a cup of tea, or a glass of fizz, in our private Style Suite!

“WOW! What an amazing experience! I went in for new glasses and came away with a whole new outlook on life!”
"The treatment you receive is far from normal, and the glasses are to die for. Thank you to the team—you are all fabulous and I will never buy my glasses from anywhere else again!"
Jayne Overal

Treat yourself to a custom-tailored Eyewear Styling Consultation.

Join us for a 1 Hour Private Eyewear Styling Consultation in our beautifully renovated Styling Suite.

Over relaxed conversation, one of our industry qualified Eyewear Stylists will guide you through the journey of eyewear discovery, to find the perfect glasses to suit your needs, natural colouring, facial shape, features, personality, sense of style, and design preferences.

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Join us for a 1 Hour Private Eyewear Styling Consultation in our beautifully renovated Styling Suite.

During the dedicated Consultation, you will:

  • Discover which glasses compliment your personality with our Style Personality Analysis
  • Learn colours to select (and avoid) based on your natural colouring in our Colour Analysis
  • Find out which frame shapes highlight your best features during our Facial Analysis
  • Enjoy exclusive access to some of the world’s most gorgeous, colourful, and rare glasses
  • Receive customised styling advice to support you in choosing your ideal glasses And so much more!

The process is exhilarating, individualised, and transformative—imagine how it will feel to finally love your glasses, instead of merely tolerating them!

The Style Optique Eyewear Styling Consultation is designed to support you in discovering exactly which glasses suit you and make you feel your best, so you can proudly wear glasses any moment of any day.

Eager to hear more? Peruse our frequently asked questions below:
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In a Style Optique Eyewear Styling Consultation, you will receive the expert styling support you deserve from a professionally trained personal Eyewear Stylist. The private, customised process begins with personal discovery, to uncover your preferences and lifestyle needs. We then perform an in-depth Style Personality Analysis, Colour Analysis, and Facial Analysis to reveal the style, shape, and colour of glasses that compliment your natural colouring, fit your face, highlight your gorgeous features, and make you feel your best. We’ll then present you with a variety of frames that reflect who you are and guide you in finding the perfect pair(s).

It’s simple—our Eyewear Stylists have actually received professional Style Training, which is why our service is so unique and sought after by glasses wearers around the globe.

Additionally, we go above and beyond to deliver a bespoke, unrushed experience that provides you with the time and personalised attention you deserve.

Discovering your Style Personality is essential, because it dictates everything you do in life—from the clothes you choose to wear, to the car you choose to drive, the pets you choose to own, the holidays you choose to take, and the way you present yourself to the world. In pinpointing your Style Personality, by way of our fun questionnaire, you will learn insights into your personal preferences, which will help guide your frame selection and ensure you choose glasses that reflect who you truly are. It’s important to factor in because two people can have a similar shaped face and colouring, but have unique style preferences, just like Style Optique owner, Eva, who enjoys dramatic, multi-coloured frames, while her sister prefers more understated frames.

Depending on your natural colouring, specific colours will either enhance or detract from your overall appearance. To assist you in determining the most flattering eyewear colours for you, we assess your colour type using the internationally renowned Colour Me Beautiful system. The system consists of six dominants, which our Colour Analysis guides you through in detail. Once the best colours for you are identified, wearing those colours will naturally make you look younger, fresher, and healthier. Additionally, colour has an impact on the way you look and feel, so we take great care to ensure we find the right colours to match your unique personality, and sense of style.

Facial features and shapes impact which frames and sizes fit most comfortably, and look the best. To find glasses that fit your face optimally, we perform an in-depth Facial Analysis. We observe the length and width of your face, and your key facial features, such as the shape of your brow line. Since most people do not fit into an exact face shape model, we have devised a


more advanced, individualised method to help you discover the best frame shapes for your face. By doing so, we offer tailored advice, exclusively for you.

Absolutely! To assist you in finding the ideal glasses for you—without the overwhelm—we will hand select frames from our Signature Eyewear Collection for you, that meet the criteria we uncovered during the Eyewear Styling Consultation discovery process. This takes the hassle out of choosing glasses and assists you in quickly identifying the perfect glasses for you.

Of course! We welcome your spouse or friend to attend and you can even book a joint Eyewear Styling Consultation to make it a fun, interactive experience for you both!

Express your uniqueness through stylish eyewear.

“I never thought a trip to the Opticians could be so enjoyable! I have never been complimented so much on my glasses—they are so comfortable and lightweight—I love them!"
Keely Thorne

Private Eyewear Styling Events

Designed to dazzle, Style Optique Private Eyewear Styling Events are ideal for those who desire an exclusive in-store styling party, or for those who are located further afield and prefer us to travel to a more central location.

Available for 10 or more guests interested in being professionally styled by our globally recognised Eyewear Stylists. We arrange all the event details, including a world-class selection of artisanal eyewear and plenty of fizz!

“Oh my goodness — fabulous, beautiful glasses. Zoe, Eva and Sam were so helpful and friendly — I felt that the most important thing they had to do today was to ensure my new glasses and sunglasses were just perfect for me. I cannot wait to wear them!”
Pat Freeman

Receive expert style tips at home and on the go.

From up-to-date trends in the mesmerising world of unique and colourful glasses, to expert style tips, and advice on how to get the most out of your glasses, we cover it all!

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Ready to find glasses that you adore? Your personal Eyewear Stylist awaits.

Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

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Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

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