Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

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Transforming the eyewear industry



Expert Stylists. Relaxed Setting. Life-changing Results

Eyewear stylist and client with luxury eyewear and colour collar at Style Optique opticians Market Drayton

Introducing an entirely new optical experience.

You deserve to feel like the best version of yourself. Every. Single. Day. That’s why the Style Optique mission is to make wearing glasses fun.

While we recognise that glasses often have prescription lenses and serve medical purposes, and eye tests are a recommended annual health requirement, we believe that’s no excuse for the eye care and glasses selection process to make you feel anything less than fabulous.

Consequently, we do things differently.

At Style Optique you can expect personalised care, unrushed service, and professional styling support from expert Independent Opticians and Eyewear Stylists.

Welcome to a world in which wearing glasses is fun


We’re Sam and Eva Davé, and together we founded Style Optique, an Independent Optician Boutique located in Market Drayton.

Our story begins many years ago… as teenagers we remember just how much we used to loathe our glasses. They were boring, didn’t fit quite right, and certainly didn’t make us feel like the best version of ourselves. Instead, they made us feel unfashionable, they affected our self-confidence, and we never felt like our true self wearing them.

Can you relate?!

 Something had to change.

Eyewear stylist and optometrist, Eva Dave, and optometrist, Sam Dave in luxury blue eyewear at Style Optique in Market Drayton in Shropshire
luxury Styling suite at optical boutique, Style Optique, in Market Drayton

As fate would have it, we met at University while studying Optometry. Shortly after graduating in 2002, we tied the knot and learned the art of juggling our careers with a growing family.

Working at corporate high-street chains, we quickly realised that the standard optical procedure and glasses selection process was not aligned with our belief in providing custom-tailored service, offering individualised styling advice, and showcasing a beautiful selection of high quality frames.

So, after in-depth training in Colour, Image, Style, and Fashion Psychology with international styling experts, and receiving an Image Consultant certification, we created the world’s first Eyewear Stylist Course for the optical industry and an all-new designer optician experience. Today, our award-winning Optical Boutique is globally recognised for our friendly, innovative, and style-loving approach.

We welcome clientele like yourself from across the country and globe who seek a level of care that’s simply not found anywhere else.

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Proud winners of Fashion Practice of the year 2019, the Optician Awards 2020, and the Shropshire Business Awards 2020

“The service I received with Style Optique is far superior to any opticians I have used previously. If you want an optician that really cares then this is the one to use. I am delighted with my new glasses.”
Eileen Hylton

An innovative approach to eyewear.

Isn’t it time to view glasses as an accessory? Something that adds to your look, elevates your style, and showcases your unique personality?

 We believe that eyewear should enhance your appearance and make you feel your best, rather than be seen as a medical device that makes you feel less-than.

To change the optical experience, we have changed the entire industry model:

First, we prioritise your interests. Rather than rushing appointments to hit predetermined sales targets and turnover goals, we provide the time and attention you deserve.

Second, we offer a spectacular selection of glasses. Rather than supplying mass-produced, generic collections, we source frames that are as unique as you are.

Third, we provide professional eyewear styling advice. Rather than leaving you to figure out what suits you on your own or, perhaps worse, trying to assist without having the formal training to do so, we offer expert support to ensure you find the ideal glasses for you, and never have buyers remorse again.

Close up of smiling female client with colour collar and bright pink luxury eyewear sitting opposite eyewear stylist with her hands held up to clients eyewear

Experience the new approach to eyewear

“My friend and I enjoyed a lovely day out at this beautiful Opticians. We had coffee, chocolates, were advised on colours and frames which suited us best and a very in depth eye test. I can’t rate these lovely people highly enough—get yourself on down to Style Optique, you won’t regret it!”
Gill Cooper

Personalised Eyewear Styling Consultations.

Dedicated to assisting you in finding glasses that fit comfortably and reflect your personal style, without the standard rush and sales pressure, our eyewear stylists are pleased to offer you professional styling advice in a fun, relaxed environment.

Exclusive and enjoyable, Style Optique Eyewear Styling Consultations provide custom-tailored styling advice to support you in discovering which glasses, colours, and frames are ideal for you.

The full hour of styling support with a trained Glasses Stylist Image Consultant in our private Style Suite includes an in-depth Style Personality Analysis, Colour Analysis, and Facial Analysis, friendly conversation, and refreshments. Because choosing eyewear should be a wonderful process.

Ready to find glasses you love?

Eyewear stylist in green dress with colourful necklace and matching Francis Klein luxury eyewear at Style Optique opticians in Market Drayton
“Wow! Following my styling Eva presented me with a choice of eyewear like I had never seen before. For me, this was such a refreshing and attentive part of the experience!”
Deborah Cormell
female client with long hair wearing floral dress with pashmina with bright pink Francis Klein luxury eyewear at Style Optique opticians in Market Drayton

Finally—glasses you will be proud to wear.

Too often, we heard the same mundane comments about mainstream glasses. Things like “the majority of glasses frames all look the same,” “most eyewear selections are boring,” “trying to find glasses is stressful,” and “most people just settle for the best of a bad bunch.”

If you have ever thought those same things, we completely understand, and that’s exactly why we do things very differently here at Style Optique.

Rather than stocking run-of-the-mill frame shapes, colours, and sizes that are manufactured in bulk to more easily cater to the masses, we stock a specialty collection of high quality artisan glasses, designed for those who desire to look and feel incredible in something extra special.

Sourced from the fashion capitals of the world and hand selected for quality, durability, and sophisticated style, the Style Optique Signature Eyewear Collection is sure to brighten your day.

You are welcome here.

Yes, we are medically-trained Optometrists and world-renowned Style Consultants, but at the end of the day we are regular people—immensely passionate about what we do.

When you visit our independent Optician Boutique, you can expect first-rate service without the pretence.

We will welcome you in and gladly provide the time and dedicated service you need, in friendly company, and over a cup of tea, or glass of fizz.

If you share our belief in the importance of high standards and exceptional quality; if you desire to be recognised as an individual and valued for who you are; and if you appreciate unique eyewear, exclusive glasses frames, and colourful selections that are both functional and beautiful, then you are absolutely in the right place, and we cannot wait to meet you!

Young male client with brown luxury designer eyewear at Style Optique opticians in Market Drayton
Optical Eyewear Boutique and opticians, Style Optique, Market Drayton logo in blue writing with pink eye glasses logo
“All my life I have longed for a pair of glasses that express ME and I was not disappointed. The collection here is amazing. Thank you so much, I cannot wait to come back for more.”
Kerry P

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Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

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Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

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