Dorothy’s story about regular eye tests

Getting regular and routine eyes tests is extremely important when looking after your vision and eye health.

Over the course of our 12+ years in practice, we have been so touched by the generosity of clients who open up to us and share their stories. Stories of transformation, newfound excitement and stories of overcoming difficulty, just like Dorothy’s.

Because everything shared with us is completely confidential, most stories don’t ever make it public. But occasionally when a client so kindly allows us to share their story with the Style Optique community — in the hope of inspiring others — we are absolutely elated to do so.

Here is Dorothy’s story:

“In June, I went along for my routine eye appointment where Sam noticed a very small shadow on the back of my right eye, which really concerned him. He decided to refer me urgently to an ophthalmologist for further investigation. I was shortly contacted and seen by a lovely lady called Jenny at Shrewsbury Hospital, who agreed with Sam’s findings, and arranged a specialist ultrasound scan along with even more investigations.

This resulted in me being sent to Liverpool Eye Hospital where they diagnosed a choroidal melanoma which is a type of eye cancer. The cause of this type of eye cancer is not known, but it can spread quickly to the liver and other organs if not discovered and treated early enough.”

 “As you can imagine, the consultant wanted to operate as soon as possible. I went to Liverpool eye hospital on a Tuesday where I had a metal plaque sewn to the top of the melanoma, this was carefully charged with the correct amount of radiotherapy to burn a crust around the edge of the cancer, to stop it in its tracks, and save my eye. It had to stay in situ for 3days, when it was then removed. At the same time, I also had scans on my liver – which thankfully were all clear!”

I am so extremely grateful and fortunate that Sam was able to detect this small change in my retina in its early stages, and that he insisted on referring me for investigations. In fact, every health professional I came across was lovely and supportive and each one said how lucky I was to have such a fabulous optician in Sam, who saved me from something a lot worse!

I now have ongoing tests every 6 months and I can’t wait to get my new fabulous glasses from Eva & Sam once things settle down. Thank you, Sam and Eva!”

Sam Dave optician with Dorothy at Style Optique in Market Drayton

The importance of routine eye examinations

Dorothy’s story reiterates the importance of routine eye examinations — even if you aren’t noticing any current issues with your sight.

If it has been a while since your last eye examination, or if you have recently received a reminder from us, we are here to help you start the New Year off right by looking after your vision.

Plus, this month, everyone who participates in a Vision Test at Style Optique will receive a £50 Eyewear Certificate and ALL proceeds from your Eye Exam will be donated to Market Drayton Foodbank.

So, make it a New Year’s RESOLUTION to check your vision and start the year in high resolution!

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We hope to see you soon,

Eva and Sam Dave

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