Where to buy sunglasses in Market Drayton

Sunglasses are known for being a favourite accessory, but they are additionally essential to the long term health of your eyes.

Did you know that without quality sunglasses (lenses do matter), your eyes will be exposed to harmful UV rays? This can have a devastating effect on your eye health because like your skin on other parts of the body, your eyes can get sunburned.

Unprotected exposure to UV rays can result in an increased risk of several eye health concerns, including eye cancers, cataracts, and growths.

The Fun of Sunglasses 

But sunglasses can be fun, particularly when you opt for a stylish pair of this season’s latest frames. For example the newest one’s just in at Style Optique.

In fact, sunglasses are such an important part of caring for one’s eyes, that we have devoted an entire event to summer sunglasses this year.

Where to buy sunglasses in Market Drayton

The Style Optique Sunglasses Extravaganza will take place right here at Style Optique on Saturday the 29th of April.

We have close relationships with independent eyewear designers and specialty lens providers. Due to this are pleased to offer you the chance to view the entire sunglasses collection of sought-after brands such as SALT optics and Johann von Goisern Sun for one day only. Also you can enjoy special offers on polarized lenses, which offer superior eye protection benefits.

Private appointments will be available throughout the day on the 29th of April. This will ensure that you receive the personalised Eyewear Styling support Style Optique is known for.

For our Easter opening times, please see here.

To RSVP, please contact us at your earliest convenience as our events book up fast:
Tel: 01630 652 945 or reply to this email

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Eva and Sam
Your friendly Opticians at Style Optique