Viva Magenta – the new colour of the season!

Somehow Spring 2023 is nearly upon us and fabulous spring colours are popping up in fashion houses everywhere!

It just so happens that this season’s trending colour is also the Pantone “Colour of the Year,” and it’s known as Viva Magenta.


Celebrate Viva Magenta – the new colour of the season!

As its name suggests, Viva Magenta is full of life, energy, and enthusiasm. It’s the perfect colour to welcome in the season of rebirth and renewal.

Viva Magenta is also highly sophisticated, alluring, and enchanting, so it’s no surprise that versions of this pinkish-red hue are showing up in many of the latest fashion accessories, including the newest frames in stock at Style Optique.

Historically, magenta represents cheerfulness, balance, and compassion and is thought of as the universal colour of harmony.

It’s said to inspire, to entertain, and to intersect power and introspection.

The fantastic thing about magenta is it’s one of those colours that is very versatile, and the right tone of it can suit anyone…it’s just about selecting the right depth and vibrancy of magenta to suit your natural colouring (and that’s where our expert Styling support comes in extremely handy!).

So, whether you are shopping for new eyewear, clothing, or other fashion accessories this Spring, consider how the hottest colour of the year — and the new season — might complement your look, and please let us know if you have any questions. When chosen correctly, magenta accessories are guaranteed to be a Spring showstopper!

Also, check out our article on the top eyewear trends of 2023 & perhaps we’ll have a magenta frame to suit you!

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Eva and Sam Dave
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