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5 Glasses Trends to Follow in 2024

It is an exciting time in the independent eyewear industry…

Technology and sustainability have combined with creativity to bring forth new transformations and present an array of eyewear in every conceivable shape, colour, and style.

Glasses have transcended their traditional role, now making an even stronger fashion statement than jewellery, handbags, and footwear trends. Not surprisingly, given their prominent placement at the centre of your face, they play a significant role in crafting your unique look.

To guide you on the latest eyewear trends, as well as provide tips on how to best wear these new frame styles, we have compiled a summary of 5 Glasses Trends to Follow in 2024 below:

Eco Chic

Independent eyewear designers have been leading the way in sustainability when it comes to fashion. This year we are seeing more and more natural materials such as wood, cork, coffeebeans, and even recycled plastics and vinyl records being used tocreate stunning frames that are as eco-friendly as they are stylish.

Purple frames
Featured above is a fabulous frame by Vinylize that is created with recycled Vinyl records and built to last.
Above is a beautifully Handcrafted piece with biodegradable cotton-based acetates, and incorporating fallen leaves. from The David Green eyewear collection.

Feline Fierceness

The iconic Cats Eye design remains on the eyewear runway, but with a modern twist that is even sassier and more spectacular than ever before. We are seeing more unique patterns, finishes, vivid colours, and decorative elements this year, and these frames are a must-have for any fashion-forward individual.

Style tips: Cat eye frames compliment almost every face shape as they draws attention to the high points of the face, adding lift and defining your cheekbones. A more angular, extreme cat eye frame will add structure and drama to rounder faces, and enhance angles in those with more angular bone structures. A softer shaped cat eye frame is ideal for most face shapes, adding a touch of softness and femininity, with an element of chic class.

Featured above are two new 2024 releases from L.a. eyeworks

Sparkle is still going strong and it’s perfectly acceptable to wear sparkly trainers, dresses, and outfits both day and night, and eyewear is no different. Handcrafted in Paris, this Francis Klein frame is French savoir-faire at its best.

Edgy angled cat eye from Cocosong eyewear, featuring silk and pressed flowers, in this vibrant sharp green.

The slender cat eye is still en vouge and is a great shape for those with shorter/rounder faces as it can help elongate te face. This La eyeworks frame is a perfect example.

Boldly Squared

As we head further into 2024, statement-making, thick-rimmed glasses will persist as a fashion staple. Whilepopular blacks and classic tortoiseshells are still leading the way, we are starting to see frames with colour gradients and pastel tones gaining more popularity.

Style tips: This style can look fantastic on those who are larger in scale, but if you are very petite, these types of frames can be quite dominating on your face. It’s important to bear in mind your natural colouring as well…If you have dark hair and eyes, those dark or bold colours will look striking, but if you have lighter hair and skin, pastel acetates will look fabulous against your skin tone.

Featured above is a new release from Sabine Be in a strong blue a trending colour for SS24
The graduated pearlescent finish on this La eyeworks frame is bang on trend and perfect for those with light hair and eyes who want a bold frame and distinctive look.
Designed for small faces, the width, depth, and thickness of this l.a.eyeworks frame looks super cool and gives you the geek chic vibe without having to choose an oversize frame which slips down your nose and weighs heavy on your face.

Rebellious Round

Get ready to fall in love with curves! 

Round and oval frames remain a hot seasonal trend, blending nostalgic allure with a quirky spin on contemporary fashion. We are still seeing a variety of styles from vintage-inspired designs, along with bold and eclectic variations that are undeniably striking.

Style tips: The ideal round frame for you depends on your face shape and size. For those with a petite build,delicate metal frames are most flattering. Conversely,

if you have larger features, bolder acetate rounds will be more suitable. People with longer faces can opt for deeper, oversized rounds, while those with shorter faces will find narrower rounds, or oval shapes more appealing.

A fabulous round from l.a. eyeworks, the rippled titanium metal Blue gives it a super cool futuristic vibe and the colour is a great alternative to black for those who have cool or lighter colouring.
For a more daring round, this dramatic piece from Sabine Be frame hits the mark perfectly, especially for those with red-toned hair and warm skin, it also features 2024 Pantone colours- sun orange, chutney brown, and spicy mustard.
And finally, this is my current favourite for petite faces by Matthew eyewear. The colour combination is stunning, the shape adds lift, and it's great for someone who has an artistic style and very small features.

Angular Allure

Geometric shapes have been taking the eyewear world by storm! This frame style has been gathering pace for some time and is now part of almost every independent eyewear designer’s collection. This year, the fine metals and acetates have taken a sassy twist with chunkier looks, brighter colours, and unique design details. If you are looking for a playful yet edgy look, these are for you!

Style tips: Geometric shapes are especially good for adding definition to those with softer facial features and enhancing the structure of more angular faces.

For those who are more petite in scale, finer metal and acetates will still be a better choice for a more flattering fit.

Featured is a brand new 2024 shape from our JVG
Another brand new release from La eyeworks featuring graduated neutral tones in an artistic geometric design.
Unique geometric with a subtle uplift from La eyeworks in 2024 SS trending colour Horizon Blue. A refreshing aqua which complements most skin tones.

Retro Reimagined

’70s tinted lenses are still on the runway this season, and are set to be more vibrant than ever. Think reds, oranges, yellows, and even multi-colour graduated tints that will make a colourful statement wherever you go.

Style tips: The key to pulling off this look is to consider your natural colouring, the colour of your frame, and the look you want to achieve. If you have dark hair, try contrasting your tint with the frame colour for a dramatic style statement. If you have light hair, selecting a lighter frame colour and pairing it with a similar colour tint will give a beautiful, elegant look.

Here we have a stunning rose gold frame, with a rose gold tint, perfect for those with softer colouring.
This stunning orange frame with a contrasting purple tint from Sabine Be is sure to make a statement and will look fab on those with high-contrast colouring.

About the author

Eva Dave is an image consultant, optometrist and owner of Style Optique where she offers private eyewear styling consultations and a unique selection of handcrafted artisan eyewear.

She is also the founder of Eyewear Styling Academy, an award winning global optical training company, which educates optical practices in the art of Eyewear Styling and teaches ways to elevate client experience and create a purposeful business.

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Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

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