At Style Optique we are introducing Virtual Eyewear Styling for 2023!

Experience Style Optique’s globally renowned Eyewear Styling Consultation from the comfort of your own home, or wherever in the world you may be.
Now available digitally to a limited number of clientele each month.
The virtual styling consultations are for those who:-
  • reside outside of the Market Drayton vicinity
  • have demanding work schedules
  • are unable to visit the Style Optique Boutique
  • can benefit from the expertise of our professionally trained, industry-leading Eyewear Stylists

Introducing Virtual Eyewear Styling

During a Virtual Eyewear Styling Consultation you will:
  • ​Discover which glasses compliment your unique Style Personality
  • ​Learn the colours to select (and avoid) based on your natural colouring
  • ​Find out which frame styles highlight your facial shape and enhance your best features
  • ​Receive customised styling advice to support you in choosing your ideal glasses/sunglasses
  • ​Enjoy exclusive access to some of the world’s most gorgeous, colourful, and rare glasses
Eva Dave wearing a bright yellow top with hand crafted cat eye Francis Klein eyewear with beautiful embellishments

The investment for this private Virtual Eyewear Styling Experience with Eva Dave, the global leader in Eyewear Styling, is a nominal £125, which is then applied towards any frame(s) purchase.

After your Virtual Eyewear Styling Experience, you will know exactly which frame styles, shapes, and colours optimise your appearance, embrace your personal sense of style, and accommodate your unique lifestyle needs.
After your Virtual Eyewear Styling Experience you will receive personalised recommendations and a bonus copy of Eyewear Styling Explained. This is a styling cheat sheet designed to support you in selecting the optimal eyewear for your Style Personality and natural colouring.

Are you ready to finally find glasses you feel fantastic wearing?

Second only to Style Optique’s in-person Styling Consultations, the Virtual Eyewear Styling Experience guides you through the proven and fun discovery process of uncovering which glasses, colours, and frames are ideal for you. 

Style Optique Opticians

Style Optique – Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton

If you’ve never heard of Style Optique, you’ll be please to know that we take a custom-tailored approach, because we believe that your glasses should be an expression of who you are, and make you feel and look your best every moment of every day.

You deserve to feel like the best version of yourself. Every. Single. Day.  And, that’s why the Style Optique mission is – to make wearing glasses fun!

While we recognise that glasses often have prescription lenses and serve medical purposes, and eye tests are a recommended annual health requirement, we believe that’s no excuse for the eye care and glasses selection process to make you feel anything less than fabulous.

Consequently, we do things differently.

You can expect personalised care, unrushed service, and professional styling support from expert Independent Opticians and Eyewear Stylists.

We are expert stylists in a relaxed setting who offer life-changing results!

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