Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique


Royal Ascot is almost here and hopefully it will bring glorious weather so make sure you have some beautiful sunglasses to match and compliment your outfit!

Here I offer my top tips on which shades will compliment your chosen hat.

Over the last few years we have seen some beautiful real statement hats at Ascot, both large in scale and personality, with many opting for bright bold colours and finish. But this year whilst making a statement is still important, many ladies are looking for something smaller in scale. Headbands or “halos” are a big trend this year, where decoration has been paired down and the focus is on the smooth lines of the hat and a strong shape.

 Which Eyewear?

In Sunglasses we are seeing a lot of dramatic strong shapes this year and a move back towards more oversized designs- in contrast to the teeny tiny cat eye which was prominent last year.

Top Tips

We have put together a selection of our favourite hat and eyewear pairings from Rebecca Jones hats and Style Optique to show you how to look your finest for the races, or any special occasion.


  • Choose hats and glasses which compliment your natural scale. The focus on smaller headbands this year is great if you are petite with small features as long as you ensure the decorative elements florals, bows and feathers are smaller in scale. And the same with your Sunglasses, avoid anything oversized which will overwhelm you- stick to lighter weight metals and acetates. Here’s a fun little combination if you are daring enough– yellow is a big trend this season.

 Boz sunglasses

  •  If you are larger in scale wide brimmed hats would be more flattering for you, but if following the latest headband/” halo”trend is important to you – go all out with a large decoration! And as for sunglasses- have fun- the bigger the better!

Skyeyes sunglasses


  • Look at the shape of your hairline, is it more rounded?  If so a curved skull cap shape will complement your natural features, and sunglasses with a curved upper rim will finish off the look.

Francis Klein sunglasses

  • Do you have a squarer or flatter hairline?  A structured pill box would sit better and be more flattering. Sunglass frames with a straighter upper rim will look fab with it!

Francis Klein Sunglasses

  • If you have a narrow forehead avoid down sloping hat brims and instead chose hats that are smaller and worn on the side. If you have a deeper forehead – a down sloping brim would look fabulous with some gorgeous oversized sunglasses giving you that iconic Audrey Hepburn glamour

SALT Sunglasses

  • And finally think about complementing your hat and glasses with the shapes in your outfit . If you are wearing soft flowy fabrics, choose a hat and glasses in softer shapes. A more structured outfit,choose a more structured hat and sunglasses


  • Choose your hat and eyewear in colours which make you feel fabulous, complement your natural colouring and work with the colours of your outfit. If you have a lot of contrast to your look i.e. dark hair with porcelain skin and bright striking eyes you will look stunning in eyewear and hats in vibrant colours or a striking contrast – see pic 1. If your look is much softer i.e dark blond hair, medium skin and blended eyes, softer colours will work for you, and a more tonal look ( pic 2) As you get a little older avoid dark hats and glasses in blacks and browns which will cast shadows on the face and highlight your lines.

Pic 1 High contrast hat and eyewear combination

Francis Klein Sunglasses

Pic 2 Low contrast/ tonal hat and eyewear combination.

SALT Sunglasses

  • Don’t be afraid to make your hat or eyewear a completely different colour to the rest of your outfit. Hats and glasses which match the colour of your outfit exactly can look contrived whereas a complementary tonal colour or contrasting colour can add interest and imagination to an outfit.


Accessories like hats and sunglasses are the perfect way to add your personality to your outfit! If you are fun and creative and want to really make a bold statement then go for it with a fun hat and over sized detailed sunglasses – the trends don’t matter!

But if you prefer to emanate a quieter sophisticated glamour but want to look current,  choose Sunglasses that are a little more understated to complement your hat!

Skyeyes Sunglasses

Remember our accessories have the ability to turn a simple outfit into something really special!

(photo credit Rebecca Jones Hat Hire:

Eyewear: Style Optique, Market Drayton. SALT sun eyewear. Skye Eyes sun, Boz sun, Francis Klein sun.

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Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

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Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

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