How to Clean and Care for Your Glasses: Tips and Tricks

At Style Optique, we believe that taking care of your glasses is essential for maintaining clear vision and extending the life of your frames. That’s why we want to share our top tips and tricks for cleaning and caring for your glasses.

Cleaning Your Glasses

Cleaning your glasses regularly is important for removing dirt, oil, and smudges that can affect your vision. Here’s how to do it:

1. Rinse your glasses under warm water to remove any loose dirt or debris.
2. Apply a small amount of dish soap to your fingertips and gently rub the lenses and frames.
3. Rinse your glasses again under warm water to remove the soap.
4. Gently dry your glasses with a microfiber cloth.

Avoid using hot water, paper towels, or your shirt to clean your glasses, as these can scratch the lenses or damage the frames.

Storing Your Glasses

When you’re not wearing your glasses, it’s important to store them properly to prevent scratches or damage. Here are some tips:

– Use a hard case to protect your glasses when you’re not wearing them.
– Avoid leaving your glasses in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
– Keep your glasses away from children and pets.

Maintaining Your Glasses

Regular maintenance can help extend the life of your glasses and keep them in good condition. Here are some tips:

– Get your glasses adjusted by a professional if they feel loose or uncomfortable.
– Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on your glasses.
– Use a lens cleaner spray to remove stubborn smudges or fingerprints.

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