Eyewear Styling Tips Summer

Summertime can be gloriously busy with outdoor activities, events, and special occasions, whether they are intimate or large events.

And, no matter the instance, venue, or party size, there always seems to be both a sense of excitement and anxiety that comes along with wanting to look your very best.

So, before the wonderful weather rolls in and the opportunity to engage and entertain approaches, we thought you might enjoy 5 Styling Tips to ensure you show up looking your absolute best—eyeglasses and all!

#1 Refresh or Renew
Eyeglasses are far more than functional—they are a central feature of your face.
Start by evaluating your current eyewear and ask yourself whether you just need a refresher or if it’s time for something brand new.

#2 Experiment
Summertime presents a wonderful opportunity to embrace a new look.
Experiment with new eyewear styles that incorporate floral or nature-inspired designs, vibrant colours, playful feathers, and dazzling glitz.

#3 Consider Your Outfit
Frame shapes can complement or clash with outfit choices.
If you are attending a special event, ensure that your eyewear aligns with your outfit choice.
As an example, softer shapes typically suit flowing outfits, while angular frames generally fit best with more tailored pieces.

#4 Choose Your Colour(s)
The right colour combinations can be completely transformational for your overall look.
Opt for colours that elevate your outfit and enhance your natural facial colouring, hair shade, and eye colour.

#5 Pay Attention To Lenses
Many people forget to consider lenses when thinking about style for special occasions, but the fact of the matter is, poor quality lenses can reflect badly in photographs. Nobody wants that!
Go with anti-glare lens coatings to reduce glare and ensure your eyes radiate through every snapshot.

We hope that helps as you prepare for the summertime season and, please know that we are always delighted to answer any questions you may have, as well as guide you through the process of selecting new eyeglasses in a private 1 Hour Eyewear Styling Consultation at Style Optique.

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May your summer be filled with opportunities to show off your wonderful sense of style.