Viva Magenta – the colour of the season

magenta colour board with eyewear, boots, nails and flowers to show the 2023 colour viva magenta

Viva Magenta – the new colour of the season! Somehow Spring 2023 is nearly upon us and fabulous spring colours are popping up in fashion houses everywhere! It just so happens that this season’s trending colour is also the Pantone “Colour of the Year,” and it’s known as Viva Magenta.   Celebrate Viva Magenta – the new […]

Top Eyewear Trends of 2023

A mound of eye glasses with bright coloured frames such as bright blue, orange, rainbow and green

Top Eyewear Trends of 2023 After two incredible weekends of eyewear in Milan and Munich, we are witnessing one of the most exciting years in eyewear fashion yet. From classy to sassy and retro to eco-friendly, the styles coming in are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. We are in the process of compiling a […]