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Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

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7 Expert Tips to Find the Perfect Glasses for Your Face Shape

As an image consultant, optometrist, and founder of Style Optique, - there's one question that always concerns me:

"Which glasses suit my face shape?"

The reason it concerns me is because firstly, many people don’t know their face shape, and even many professionals struggle with it. Secondly most people don’t fit into an exact face- shape, they are often a mix of angles and curves. And finally, the face shape rules of eyewear vary depending on who you speak to. For example some image professionals advocate  “ a square face, should wear round frame” and others suggest you should harmonise with your facial features “ie a square face should wear square frames” So who is right? 

Well, In my opinion it depends on many factors, your personality, your overall style, your hair cut, the fit of the frame. Your glasses are part of you, and when you get too hung up trying to find one specific glasses style for your face shape, you deny yourself the opportunity to see and experiment with many other shapes and styles that can look fabulous.

So please don’t worry about fitting into a face shape and  instead follow my 7 tips for faultless fit, flawless size and fabulous style of eyewear for your unique face and personal style

Tip #1: Scale – Proportion perfection

Scale is the relative size of one object compared to another, and it’s essential when it comes to eyewear. The size of your glasses in relation to your face and features can make parts of your face appear larger or smaller. The scale of your eyewear should be in balance and harmony with your natural scale for the most flattering effect. If you have a large bone structure and fuller features, larger, thicker metals or acetates will create balance and have a slimming effect. In contrast, if you have a small bone structure with delicate features, eyewear that’s smaller in scale and finer in metals and acetates will look more balanced.

Style hack: Larger frames for fuller features, and smaller, finer frames for delicate features.

Tip #2: Depth – Balancing vertically

The depth of your frames is the vertical length from the top to bottom of the frame. For balance and harmony, the depth of your frames should work in harmony with the length of your face. If you have a long face, deeper frames with thicker, and lower set sides can help to reduce the length of face and your side profile.

In contrast, very narrow frames can appear to cut off your eyes and make your face appear even longer. If you have a short face, narrower frames with high-set thinner sides can help increase the length of your face and side profile.

The key is to find the perfect depth that complements your face without touching your cheeks and moving when you smile!

Style hack: Deeper frames for longer faces; narrower frames for shorter faces.

Tip #3: Width – Flawless fit

The width of your frames is just as important as the depth. If your frames are too wide or oversized, they can make your eyes appear close together and lead to a cross-eyed look, and they can also dominate your face and slip down your nose.

If your frames are too narrow, they can splay outwards, causing headaches and leaving unattractive and uncomfortable dents in the side of your head. Find the perfect frame width by determining the widest point below your browline, which is typically the cheekbones or jawline.

Style hack: Ensure the frame width aligns with your face's widest point.

Tip #4: Shape – Style Signature

The shape of your glasses really is a reflection of your personal tastes and style.

 Before we dive into which shapes are best for you, I want you to determine whether your overall look is predominantly angular or curved.

 If you have a more angular face, sharp, angular, and horizontal shapes will highlight your cheekbones and jaw, enhancing your red carpet angles. Softer shapes, like rounds, ovals, and softer cat-eyes, will minimize the appearance of angles and soften your look.

 If your face is more curved and soft, angular and horizontal shapes can can add definition to your face. Softer frame shapes, like soft cat-eye or oval frames, can enhance and work with your natural softer lines and approachable look. There is no right or wrong answer here- its really down to your unique tastes and the look you want to achieve.

Tip #5: Follow the Brow

Following the natural shape of your brow line when selecting eyewear is often more flattering as it avoids two separate lines on your face, and can magically appear to open up the eye area and lift the face.

For balance and harmony, the upper rim of the frame should be similar in shape to your natural brow line. So, if you have a straight brow, opt for a straighter upper rim, and if you have a curved brow, choose a curved upper rim.

Style hack: Align the frame's upper rim with your brow line for a natural, lifting effect.

Tip #6: Show Off Your Eyes

Your eyes are one of the most important features of your face, so it’s crucial to choose glasses that showcase them

. To do this, make sure the rims don’t cut off any part of your eyes. Your eyes should be centred horizontally within the frame and placed between one-third to halfway down the frame vertically, depending on the style. 

Style hack: Canter your eyes horizontally in the frame and position them between one-third to halfway down vertically.

Tip #7: Colour

And finally Colour.

 The right colours on our face can make a dramatic difference to how we look. If the colour harmonises with our hair skin and eyes, the effect can be magical, and is one of the biggest keys to helping you look fabulous in your glasses

Below is an overview of the best colours for you depending on your colour type

  1. Light Colouring:(light skin, hair and eyes) For those with light colouring, transparent trends, lighter tones and pastel acetates look good. Avoid dark heavy frames
  2. Deep and Dark Hair/Eyes: (dark hair and eyes), deep, rich intense colours will look striking. Avoid lighter tones
  3. Warm Colouring(red hair/golden skin): Choose yellow-based colours. Opt for browns instead of blacks, and golds instead of silvers. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider oranges, yellows, and greens. Avoid blue based colours
  4. Cool Colouring(grey or white hair, blue or cool brown eyes, rosy-toned skin): Go for blue-based colours. Black is suitable, and charcoal can be a good choice Consider pink, teal, and all shades of blue. Avoid yellow based colours
  5. Clear Colouring(dark hair with light eyes): Choose contrasting or bold colours alone, such as black and white or scarlet red. Avoid pale pastel colours
  6. Soft Colouring(mousy brown hair, mid-toned eyes and skin): Opt for muted colours like light navy instead of black, and mid-toned colours that are neither too dark nor too light. Avoid bright bold colours and high contrast colour combinations like black and white.
Style hack: Choose colours that complement your skin, hair, and eye tones. Lighter tones for light colouring, rich colours for dark hair and eyes, and so on.

About the author

Eva Dave is an image consultant, optometrist and owner of Style Optique where she offers private eyewear styling consultations and a unique selection of handcrafted artisan eyewear.

She is also the founder of Eyewear Styling Academy, an award winning global optical training company, which educates optical practices in the art of Eyewear Styling and teaches ways to elevate client experience and create a purposeful business.

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Award-winning Optical Boutique with luxury eyewear & bespoke service in Market Drayton | Style Optique

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